is a small home kennel of the POLISH LOWLAND SHEPHERD. Three wonderful females live with
KUNDZIA and LIME JUHASKI Banciarnia FCI and SILVER LADY Z Horde Gabriela FCI (Jagusia).
We love them madly and treat them like our own children.
Our sons grew up with animals, it was the Labrador Masza, West Luis and the shelter, beloved bitch Tosia.
There was always a joyful barking in greeting in the house.
However, when the sons grew up and moved out of the house, our lives became completely dominated by dogs.
Kundzia, Limonka and Jagusia are typical domestic pets that live in harmony with the four adopted cats Lea, Joda, Staś and Ludwik.
The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a very family dog, cuddly and joyful.
He likes to "talk" a little, bark and eat well.
Pon never despises a walk, loves to play with the ball and is eager to retrieve.
Dogs of this breed have a coat that needs to be looked after
My dream is for my puppies to have wonderful, loving homes and to be treated as the most precious treasures, because for me they are.
It is unacceptable for me to live outside, on a chain or in a kennel, because no dog deserves such a fate. However, if someone is as attracted to this breed as I am, then I invite you to our kennel.